Like most of us, when someone asks if I am from Bundaberg, I answer with the common herd “Yep, born and bred.”
Though, also like most of us, through my high school days I was determined, what I thought, destined to get out.  No way was I staying in Bundaberg.

Fortunately for me I landed a job in a great café and fell in love with the sense of community and meaningful relationships I didn’t even know existed.  The first rule I ever learnt in this café was:  People love hearing the sound of their own name.
I was instantly hooked on this culture. Since then I have been exposed to the amazing way the Bundaberg community creates opportunities and growth, and provides support. Bundaberg has this advantage over any big city and once you’re in, you can’t help but join in.

Bundaberg Regional Council popped into Alowishus last month to capture this stunning promotional video that showcases the amazing potential of our town (and the potential of my new found acting skills. Yes, that’s me in the yellow scarf).
We had such a great time being part of this and I can definitely say I’m prouder than ever to say that I call Bundaberg home.

Live, work, play, invest in the Bundaberg region

Video by the Bundaberg Regional Council


Blog written by Amy Baldwin at https://alowishus.com.au/bundaberg-the-place-i-call-home/