Why Local

Life Is Better When You Shop Local

10 Good Things That Happen When You Shop Locally

1. More of your money stays in the local economy 

When you spend your money with a local business you begin a ‘ripple effect’ that spreads throughout the local economy. When the money goes somewhere else, this can’t happen.

2. You embrace what makes Bundaberg unique

We have many great local products that originate here and some you can’t get anywhere else. Why not embrace what makes us unique?

3. You help create jobs for locals

Small businesses are more efficient than anyone else at creating direct jobs and in turn, indirectly creating demand for jobs in other sectors such as construction, health, education and essential services.

4. You help the environment

When you shop locally, it means less transportation and less packaging is required.

5. You support the wider community

Many community groups and clubs rely on donations of money, time and resources from local businesses.

6. You enjoy access to local knowledge and expertise

Local businesses often have specific knowledge that will help you make the best choice when purchasing.

7. You create more choice and variety

Local businesses create or stock products based on what they know you like and want. The more you shop locally, the more they can differentiate and carry a wider range of unique products.

8. You help make Bundaberg a more diverse destination

The more interesting and unique our businesses are, the more attractive they are to tourists and visitors and the more diverse we become as an overall destination.

9. You encourage entrepreneurship

People are more likely to start a new business in an environment that encourages their success.

10. More money is available for reinvestment

When all of the above happen, ultimately there are more funds available for investing in local government projects that make our region better. It also makes us more attractive to private investors.

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